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This page will display the equipment I use and show how to sterilise it. 

There are many different options when choosing equipment for all grain brewing, such as using a grain bag and a boiler fitted with a thermostat.  I decided to use a cool box fitted with a strainer and sparging arm for a mash tun, a 10 gallon boiler without a thermostat and a counterflow wort cooler in addition to my fermentation buckets, hydrometer, etc which I use on kit brews.

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The above photo shows the boiler, mash tun, CFC cooler, sparge arm, plastic tubing, thermometer, hydrometer, test jar and the milk bottle fitted with an airlock.  The milk bottle is used to make the yeast starter.


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Another photo of the equipment used, this shows the strainer on top of the mash tun lid.


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This photo shows the inside of the boiler which is fitted with a hop strainer.


Before brewing commences, I sterilise all the equipment which is going to be in contact with the brew, e.g. the boiler, mash tun, CFC, fermenting buckets, paddle, plastic tubing, etc.  It is not necessary to sterilise the boiler or anything else which is used in the process before the boil.  I do so simply because the boiler is large enough to hold all the fermenting buckets, plastic tubing, wort cooler, plastic paddles, etc.  I use Ritchie’s combined steriliser and cleaner, add the steriliser at the rate of 1 teaspoon of the powder to 1 gallon of hot water.  After around 30 minutes drain and rinse thoroughly with cold water.  A simple way of doing so is to place all the smaller buckets and equipment into the boiler.  I always sterilise my all grain equipment the evening before I brew, I always put the smaller equipment into a fermenting bucket and snap the lid down tight.  Although it is better to sterilise the equipment shortly before you use it, I have had no problems doing this, I always brew first thing the next morning.  I also perform the yeast starter the evening before if using dried yeast, if I use Wyeast or Whitelabs I activate it using a starter about 36-48 hours before I brew. 


Please go to the next page to see how I make a yeast starter.


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All the information given on this website is from my own personal experiences and are well tried and tested.  However, if you try something you have seen here and it does not work out, I accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury that may occur.