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This page will show the aerating & adding the yeast stages.

Aerating is a simple task, but an essential one.  It allows oxygen to be absorbed by the brew which is required for yeast growth.  To do this simply place the brew above another fermenting bucket, open the tap and allow the brew to fall to the collecting bucket.  Make sure that it splashes well; do not let the brew run down the side of the collecting bucket as it may not absorb enough oxygen.

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The above photo shows aeration in progress, I also give the brew a good stir with the paddle at the same time.


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The above photo shows the yeast being added from the starter which was activated the previous night; I usually add this when about half the brew has been transferred.  I then continue to stir the brew with the paddle while the remainder of the brew is transferring; this ensures that the yeast is given a thorough mixing into the brew.


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After all the brew has been transferred, I then loosely fit the lid and slip a digital thermometer over the handles.  The brew is now ready to start fermenting.

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All the information given on this website is from my own personal experiences and are well tried and tested.  However, if you try something you have seen here and it does not work out, I accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury that may occur.