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My equipment
Beer & Lager options
Making lager from a kit
Lager kit progress
Barrelling the Lager kit
The Finished Lager
Wine making options
Making wine from a kit
Wine kit progress
Filtering the wine
Bottling the wine
Labelling the bottles
The Finished Wine
All Grain Recipes
All Grain Brewing Introduction
All grain equipment and sterilising
Dry Yeast Starter
Splitting a Whitelabs yeast
Fermenting the Whitelabs yeast
Bottling and storing the Whitelabs yeast
Whitelabs yeast starter
Water Treatment
Sparging Options
Fly Sparging
Batch Sparging Calculations
Batch Sparging
Cask conditioning
The finished beer
Storing my brews
General Information
My previous brews

Here are some links to brewing and non brewing websites.

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Jim's beer kit

A must visit site, loads of useful information and friendly, knowledgeable forums. 

Northern Brewer

An American based forum.


An American based forum.

uk-homebrew email link

If you would like to be listed here, please click the above link to email me.  Apologies, but I can't post any commercial links.

If you want to link to this site from yours, please do so.

Other sites (non brewing)


My son's website about our home village.


A friendly countryside forum covering rural topics such as fishing, wildlife, gardening and much more.

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All the information given on this website is from my own personal experiences and are well tried and tested.  However, if you try something you have seen here and it does not work out, I accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury that may occur.