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On this page I will briefly describe my winemaking experiences. 

Wine kits are now available in a vast range, if you wish to make anything from a 3 week budget kit to a top of the range single grape variety, you will have no problem finding a kit to suit your tastes.
I am also aware that many winemakers have made wines from scratch using many different types of fruit, as I have no experience of this I will stick to kit making information here.
Wine kits come in two sizes, 6 bottle (1 gallon) and 30 bottle (5 gallon), some kits are available in both sizes.
Making wine from a kit is straightforward, simply add the contents of the kit to a demijohn or 5 gallon fermenter depending on the size of the kit used, add any sugar required after mixing it with boiled water, top up to 1 or 5 gallons depending on the kit size, add the yeast and leave to ferment, when it is fermented add any stabilisers and finings required, let the wine clear up and syphon it off the sediment, filter it if you wish to do so, then bottle it.  Yes, it really is that simple.
Be careful not to add the yeast if the wine container feels warm to the touch, this will almost certainly happen if you make a 1 gallon kit and add sugar to it which has been dissolved in boiled water.  Simply wait until it has cooled down before adding the yeast.
The following pages will give a step by step description on how to make a kit wine.

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All the information given on this website is from my own personal experiences and are well tried and tested.  However, if you try something you have seen here and it does not work out, I accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury that may occur.