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This page will show how I treat my water for my all grain brews.

There are many options for treating brewing water, this is my preferred method.
I use a Water Gem filter system; it claims to reduce chlorine, chlor-amines and other chemicals as well as filtering sediment and rust.



The above photo shows the hot liquor tun being filled with 5 gallons of water direct from the Water Gem, this is the sparging water. 


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The above photo shows the boiler being filled with 2 gallons of water, this is the mash water.


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The above photo shows Brupaks carbonate reducing solution, a tub of Gypsum and a tub of Irish Moss.


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The above photo shows the Brupaks CRS being added to the sparging water, I also use it in the mash water which is in the boiler.  I use it at the rate of half a tsp per gallon.  Please note that this is the required dosage for my water, yours may require more or less depending on your water analysis, I found mine on Northumbrian Water's website.

I also add a 1/2 tsp of gypsum to the mash to adjust the p.h.  The Irish Moss is used as a fining in the boiling stage.

That is all the preparation over, time to get on with the brew.  Please go to the next page, mashing.

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All the information given on this website is from my own personal experiences and are well tried and tested.  However, if you try something you have seen here and it does not work out, I accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury that may occur.