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Labelling the bottles

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This page will show how I finish my bottles with labels and shrink caps. 

I prefer to finish my bottles by fitting shrink caps and labels.  After leaving them standing upright for 3 days, it is time to fit them.

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The shrink caps I use are the type that shrink under steam.  The above photo shows how I do this, please note that I am holding the bottle at the bottom and I am pressing the shrink cap down with a long handled screwdriver.  This keeps your hands out of the way of the steam from the kettle. 


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When all the bottles have the shrink caps fitted I wipe the moisture off them and fit the labels as shown above.


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All done now, time to lay them down in the wine rack for maturing.  I recommend that a wine of this quality should be left at least 6 months before drinking.  It will be ready sooner than this but it certainly will not be at its best.

This has taken me 5 weeks from start to finish.  Wine making from a kit is more time consuming than making beer or lager from a kit, but the results make it worthwhile.


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