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This page will show the fermentation stage of the Whitelabs yeast.

The solution is then placed in a room where I can maintain the temperature between 18c-22c.



This photo was taken shortly after the liquid had been topped up to the 8 pint mark.




The above photo was taken 24 hours later; as you can see the fermentation has started.  I also place an old sheet under the demijohn just in case the fermentation becomes too lively and foams through the airlock.  I also place the digital thermometer next to the demijohn to take a quick temperature check.




As you can see in the above photo, the yeast is now very lively and has foamed out of the airlock.  This shows the importance of placing an old sheet under the demijohn.  This photo was taken 36 hours later.




This has now been fermenting for 5 days.  The airlock is bubbling at the rate of one bubble per minute and there is a firm yeast deposit at the bottom of the demijohn, therefore it is safe to assume that the fermentation is almost complete. 

As I do not intend to prime the bottles, the fermented spraymalt is now ready to be bottled.

Please go to the next page, bottling and storing the Whitelabs yeast.

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